Our Brown Checkered Baby

Who doesn’t love a checkered pattern in some way or another? We love it! The brown checkered tote is a favourite here, and there are endless ways to style it, sharing with you one of those looks today! It’s the perfect addition to any fall or autumn outfit, but the colour is truly so classic for any season really… let’s be real! We always love to see all the ways you guys style your Churi bags, so we can’t wait to start sharing some more looks and pictures with you guys on here too! Here is why we love our brown checkered baby and how we styled it… 


Brown is a colour that seems to have endless shades, and yet they somehow all seem to work with one another… so hello colour layers! Brown is definitely a colour you can overlap and include different hues of it within an outfit, so that is why this brown checkered tote is a must for us! Especially in fall, where the colour brown is so chic and neutral! In this look it goes perfect with the lighter beige top, and this darker brown sherpa jacket! The darker checkered squares contrasted the lighter colours perfectly! It’s truly a timeless tote … 

brown tote


I know we already mentioned how much we love the checkered pattern, and we know how much you guys love it too! It’s just such a versatile pattern that you can play with in so many ways! It’s why we are obsessed with it, it’s unique, yet chic! We love this pattern because it’s so fun to see this checkered print styled with other patterns, it looks so beautiful up against the knit design on this beige top doesn’t it? It all comes together so aesthetically! The checkered pattern is a staple at Churi! We just adore it! 

brown tote


We value the quality of our totes so much here at Churi, and each bag is handmade with SO much love & care! Each bag has its own unique fit and size, and this brown tote fits perfectly for any on the go outfit, snuggling right up to you with a slightly smaller strap, allowing for the perfect fit while still giving you lots of room to carry your belongings!

brown tote

We seriously can’t get enough of this brown checkered look! We also have this exact style in a mini size too depending on what you love, but both are just so cute! Here are links to both! 

Medium Brown Tote 

Mini Style Brown Tote 

brown tote

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