About Us

Nice to meet you!

Growing up in a family own textile business specializing in cotton yarn weaving, I was surrounded with all sort of fabrics. My passion grew as I have always been obsessed with mixing and matching different color pallets and materials to create my own collection of unique home products.

After graduating from university, I joined my family’s business as a sales/procurement associate, sourcing and working with different vendors and suppliers in the textile industry. I began to establish my connection with local artisans and industry experts in different parts of the world.

The idea of one day being able to share my passion and resources to help people choosing the right bedding products for their home, that fit their budget and styles excited me.

Fast forward to 2020, our family relocated to Vancouver, B.C. This was when we began to create our brand Churi – fueled by my passion toward quality garments, named after our beloved puppers Churro and Mi.

Mi and Churro

As a family, we aspire to live a more balanced, meaningful life through slowing things down and appreciating both the world around them and what they have. The same goes for our approach with Churi. Our designs are inspired by the seasonal narrative and the beauty of natural, sustainable products. Timeless yet versatile, we aim to bring a unique, simple, yet beautiful style to your daily life, one piece at a time.