How to Care for Your Totes

We know how much you adore your Churi totes bags, and we want to ensure that they last you for as long as possible! It's why we make our quality and material our top priority for you! Our unique artisan style material and handmade process allows for our totes bags to stay beautifully made throughout their life with you, but we also know that when our bags become a part of your daily wardrobe and routine they might need some extra care and clean! That's why we want to make sure you know the best way to care for your totes! Below we share the proper way to care for and clean your Churi totes, in three easy steps! 

If your totes needs a good clean or refresh, no worries! You can easily place it right into your machine washer! We know, how easy! You will want to put your Churi totes on delicate mode, and make sure the temperature is on cold always! 
To make sure your Churi tote comes out from it's clean as good as new, it's important you're washing them separate from any other items besides your Churi totes! 
Once you have washed your Churi totes, you will want to lay them flat to dry, allowing them to hold their shape beautifully! Avoid placing them in your dryer or in any warmer temperature when they are drying! 
how to care
Voila! Now you know the proper way to care for your Churi totes! Don't forget to tag us @Churi, and share your outfits with us!! We absolutely love to see them! 


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