Our Darling Daisy

Our darling daisy tote is the perfect addition to your closet, brightening up your sunny days to bliss! An effortless blend of pattern, color, and style, it's an eye pleasing accessory to style any outfit with ease. In a world of fast moving fashion, this tote is a fresh nudge towards simplicity and sophistication. Its vibrant colors and playful pattern make it a statement piece, adding personality to your look.


Our tote bags are made in Vietnam by a team that has expertise in cotton yarn weaving. Having strong connections with the textile industry makes our team well equipped in understanding fabric, pattern, and style. The daisy tote has an intricate design combining the best neutral shades, making it chic yet simple. The bags earthy tones and natural texture evoke a sense of organic flair, while its minimalistic layout keeps it modern. 



darling dasiy


Thinking of warm weather, beach, that strappy sundress with a floppy hat, flip flops lazily strewn on the sand, obsessing over sunscreen which is never enough, are you? It's time to pack all the vacation essentials in one dreamy tote! It is needless to say that the inspiration behind this tote is the vibrance of Summer. Made of lightweight durable cotton, it is designed to be carried by hand or over your shoulder, making it the perfect accessory for both fashionable and practical purposes. Its versatility exudes a laid-back, effortless charm and its open compartment and unstructured style create a sense of freedom and spontaneity, making it apt for everyday adventures, from farmer's market to beach trips!

Daisy Flower Crochet Bag 

darling dasiy

darling daisy


The darling daisy tote is a versatile bag that allows you to be slouchy as well as suave. Be it your ripped denims with a leather jacket, or a dressy dress with stilettoes, don't be afraid to experiment and embrace!

Just some fun tips below on how to style and use your daisy tote!

1. Accessorize your outfit with a statement necklace or a pair of oversized sunglasses to give it a pop of character. 

2. Balance out the bag's volume with a fitted top or a flowy dress.

3. Don't overfill your bag. Leave some space to maintain its relaxed shape.

4. Add some personalized flair with fun pins or keychains to make it unique.

5. Rock it with confidence and a smile!

darling daisy

darling daisyAnd the fact that this bag comes in different colors and shapes is the cherry on top! Go with the V-shape opening, or stick with the classic straight opening, but don't forget to carry the bohemian soul!

darling daisy

darling daisy

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