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Holiday Spirit Candles

Holiday Spirit Candles

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The history of quilling art can be dated back from the 1200’s where crafters would use bird’s feather (quill) to coil and shape strips of paper to create a lively, colourful three-dimensional design.

Graduated from the College of Fine Arts, artist Tran Ho caught the interest of quilling art and was instantly fascinated by the changing colours, the rich history of quilling technique, the art of rolling, coiling and shaping strips of paper. Combining with her background in art, Tran began to create different paper artworks and unique quilling projects for the last 15 years.

At Churi, we hope to deliver a unique gift of quilled art that reminds you of meaningful connection and memories while exhibiting the passion and creativity from our artisans.

(1) One 6x6 inch Quilling card with a blank note card
(2) One 6x7 inch high-quality paper envelope.
(3) One protection plastic bag.

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